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"We are drawn by places that the rest of the world tends to underestimate."

Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of Stripe, in Ramallah (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Below you'll find links to articles that talk about Palestine's tech sector, along with blog posts and write ups by young engineers and executives alike on their experiences of teaching in and mentoring in Palestine.

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Tech has a remarkable ability to transcend borders

And several companies have already been engaging with the Palestinian tech sector. Cisco and Microsoft outsource to the West Bank, while Google, Techstars Foundation, and GitHub offer funding to Palestinian entrepreneurs.

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Gisel Kordestani is co-founder and COO of Crowdpac and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She was previously Director of New Business Development at Google and is on the board of Mercy Corps and Gaza Sky Geeks.


The irony of leaving SF to find myself playing ping pong at a startup in the West Bank does not escape me

I didn’t go with an agenda — I felt that teaching [Data Science] would add to the experience of my trip and allow me to better understand the true nature of living in the region.

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Salik Syed is a entrepreneur working in the areas of AI and Data Visualization. He was the co-founder of Parastructure (acquired by Dropbox). He taught in the Coding + Design Bootcamp in 2017.


Code for Palestine was an incredible experience

I’ve always enjoyed teaching. In college, I cofounded Girls Teaching Girls To Code to spark high school girls’ interest in computer science...But I also realize that kids outside the Bay Area don't have as much exposure to computer science, so I jumped at the chance to bring coding to students in Palestine.

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Jessie Duan is a Product Engineer at Quora and co-founder of Girls Teaching Girls to Code. She was part of a group of Stanford students in 2015 and 2017 that taught Computer Science and Design Thinking in Palestine.


There was something about Gaza Sky Geeks that felt like a family

Spaces that allow people with dreams to truly experiment are more than just another startup laboratory, they allow that contagious optimism to spread. We have seen this in many places in the world where one startup success story fuels a whole ecosystem of dreamers and builders. We think Gaza Sky Geeks is planting the seeds for this same kind of evolution.

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Christina Wilson & Katie Collins
at AngelHack


I spent only two days with GSG , and would have been happy to spend ten

Once you are in through the door it has the feel of a typical incubator. Lots of young entrepreneurs, high energy, laughing, laptops everywhere, people camped out whenever they can get to a plug, and unlike Silicon Valley, 50% women.

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Penny Herscher serves on four public company boards: Lumentum, Rambus, Faurecia SA and Verint Systems, and is Chairman at Savonix, a startup. She was President & CEO of Simplex and FirstRain.